Our evdents program is on hold for the duration of lockdown. We will get it back up and runnung as soon as we can!







Loraine Peck in conversation with Sue Turnbull

The Second Son

Wednesday 10 March


Kirli Saunders, David Stavanger, and Ali Whitelock

Poetry Night

Wednesday 24 March


Tim Flannery in conversation with Caroline Baum

The Climate Cure

Wednesday 7 April


Rick Morton in conversation with Hayley Scrivenor

My Year of Living Vulnerably

Wednesday 21 April


John Baker in conversation with John Corker

Stalin's Wine Cellar

Wednesday 5 May


Kate Holden in conversation with Caroline Baum

The Winter Road: A Killing at Croppa Creek

Wednesday 19 May


Debra Oswald

The Family Doctor

Wednesday 2 June


Amber Cresswell Bell with John Bokor, India Mark & Anh Nguyen

Still Life

Wednesday 16 June